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The Pale Goddess

for piano, flute and clarinet (2014)

Performed by New Music Ensemble at Deptford Town Hall, London on Friday 23rd January 2015
Harvey Grant (Piano), Nicole Trotman (Flute) and Jaime G. Larios (Clarinet)

Her Sad Infamy Sings

for tenor recorder

performed by Sylvia Hinz

Lines of Leaving

for mezzo soprano and piano

For piano and mezzo soprano, words by Christy Brown

Performed by Siobhan Mooney at Schott's Music Shop on Saturday 17th November 2012

Orpheus Weeps

for violin, 'cello and bassoon (2012)

Premiered by Red Note Ensemble at Noisy Nights, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on 8th October 2012.

The Woman

for violin, cello and free-bass accordion (2012)

Premiered by Red Note Ensemble at Noisy Nights - New Music in 4/4, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on 28th May 2012.

And now I dream only of that kiss

for chamber orchestra (2012)

23/1/12 (7 haiku)

for solo piano (2012)

miniature london symphony by night

for chamber orchestra (2011/12)

blood moon dances

Blood Moon Dances by martingaughan

for violin, 'cello & harmonium (2011)

Premiered by Red Note Ensemble at Noisy Nights 16, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on 12th December 2011.

Violin: Jackie Shave
‘Cello: Robert Irvine
Harmonium: Simon Smith
Conductor: John Harris

silent singer

Silent Singer by martingaughan

for electric violin, electric 'cello and electric guitar (2011)

Premiered by Red Note Ensemble at Noisy Nights 14, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on 6th June 2011.

Electric Violin: Tony Moffat
Electric ‘Cello: Su-A Lee
Electric Guitar: Malcolm MacFarlane
Conductor / tape op: John Harris

'night's black bird'

13 Nocturnes over a still & silent land for solo harp (2011)

Five movements from: 'Night's Black Bird', performed by Mary Reid (harp) at Deptford Town Hall, London on Tuesday 27th January 2015.


for stones and 4-10 players (2011)

'immortal beloved'

for Treble Recorder (doubling Tenor) and piano (2011)

  Immortal Beloved for Treble (dbl.Tenor) Recorder and Piano by martingaughan
performed by Sylvia Hinz (recorders) and Cordula Heiland (piano)

This piece has a myriad of inflences starting with a performance I heard of an early Mozart Violin Sonata (quoted briefly) as well as an unending melody which never ends and simply fades from human perception. In composing I could find no place for fast virtuosic display so instead I wrote music emotionally charged and with a John Dowland-esque sadness.


micro opera for soprano, baritone, piano, cello, basset horn and percussion. (2011)

'songs to the moon'

12 haiku for solo piano performed by John-Paul Gandy (May 2011)   Songs to the Moon ~ 12 Haiku for solo piano by martingaughan

These pieces are based on Haiku by the Japanese writer Basho, one of the great masters of the genre. They are not intended to ‘sound’ Japanese neither do they use Japanese musical ideas. They are rather a reaction to Basho's exquisite Zen Buddhism inspired words. While short they encompass in their brief moments a vast array of passion and emotions.The Haiku themselves (in translations by Lucien Stryk) are included with each movement, these are not intended to be recited, however should the performer wish to do so in either English or Japanese (or another translation) the composer suggests each one be spoken before each movement. In any event it is suggested that some or all are included in the concert information.

'black roses'

for harp and mandolin (2006/7) performed by Mary Reid (harp) and David Massey (mandolin)


for recorder, harpsichord and baroque 'cello (2011)

Premiered by Red Note Ensemble at Noisy Nights 13, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on 21st March 2011.
Recorder: Francesca Thompson 
Harpsichord: Simon Smith 
Baroque ‘cello: Eilidh Martin 
Conductor: John Harris

'flowers of this painful world' (friends pictured within)

Electronic version of a chamber orchestra piece.
The four movements are 'portraits' of three former work colleagues and myself, with our manager making a guest appearance. A nod to Elgar, perhaps.

'who whispered near me?' ('the blue hour')

a song cycle for high voice & piano. poems: philippe jaccottet/(translated by derek mahon) (2009)
   extracts from Who Whispered Near Me (The Blue Hour) by martingaughan

'under the sorrowful moon'

12 pieces for solo piano (2007/2008) ~ 1st book of preludes   under the sorrowful moon ~ 12 pieces for solo piano by martingaughan

'river of stars' ('tangled hair')

a song cycle for medium (or high voice) & piano. tanaka: yosano akiko. (2009)   River of Stars (Tangled Hair) by martingaughan

'columba aspexit'

for chamber orchestra (1991)   Columba Aspexit (1991) ~ Extracts by martingaughan

'night pieces' (4 haiku)

for solo violin (2006)   Night Pieces (4 Haiku) by martingaughan

'o yet forgive'

a secular cantata for flute, clarinet & low voice. poems: edith sitwell. (1988/02 revised 2009)

'the evening land'

for solo guitar. (2007-11)
Martin Gaughan - Composer