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I am very pleased to say the following poem won a poetry prize!!

When I look at your face,
My heart sighs,
And my body aches.

It is as if all beauty,
And all life,
And everything is captured there.

All I can do is stare,
And look,
Lost in the moment,
Unable to move.

And then I remind myself to breathe,
And remind myself that this image,
That stops my soul,
Could have been mine.

There is something in your face,
Beyond your eyes,
Beyond your lips,
Beyond your smile,
Beyond your expression.

I can see something else there,
I can not describe it,
But I can see it.

Every part of me stops,
When I look at you,
It is like a lost part of me found,
And then lost again.

Just simply knowing what could have been,
But through my stupidity,
My arrogance,
And cowardice,

I ache beyond words,
Beyond sounds-
And on,
Into silence.

Martin Gaughan - Composer